UltimateCreator.com has been designed from the ground up to allow you to make money from creating websites for others. A number of key features allow you to run a profitable website development business using UltimateCreator.com without your customer ever knowing anything about us, including:

Unbranded Content Management Interface
We have split design from content and provided separate interfaces to manage both. Our control panel allows you, the designer, to set up websites, upload graphics and create the structure. If you choose to do so, you are then able to delegate the management of items of content to your customer via the interface we call the Management Console. This screen resembles a windows application and is completely unbranded; you are even able to upload a graphic with your logo if you choose to do so.

Multiple Revenue Streams
There are generally a number of sources for income derived from website development:

  • Initial Setup - UltimateCreator.com does not charge a setup fee, so you earn every penny that your customer is willing to pay you to create their website. The relationship is between you and your customer and they need know nothing about UltimateCreator.com. We invoice you so that you can invoice your customer with your own branding and your own charges.
  • Website Maintenance – maintenance has been split into two parts: The first is for changes to the website structure and you are again able to charge you customer whatever you like. The second is for ongoing content maintenance and here you have two choices. You can either charge the customer for changes and perform them yourself, or you can provide access to the Management Console and allow them to make their own updates. Many customers are keen to have some control over their websites and the Management Console is a unique feature that enables you to win business.

  • Hosting Charges – UltimateCreator.com charges you for a competitive rate for hosting the website and providing you with tools like the Control Panel. You are however free to charge your customer your own rate for hosting. Furthermore, we offer you a discount which is based upon the number of websites that you host with us and the total number of pages. The current discount structure is shown below.

  • Pages